Saturday, October 22, 2011

Characters and Design

I am trying to exercise my character design muscles. .

These are a few recent attempts from my nerdy brain, Guys and gals with big-guns and big-ass swords, with the occasional lame ass Mage and Orc thrown in.

Magnus the Unicorn Hunter.

Assignment: take a movie star and turn them into a character, I got inspired by Bruce Willis to draw this: Magnus-the Last Unicorn Hunter. 
Yep, yep.

Go to museum, draw gazillion year old fossil, bring said fossil to life, active DnD powers by throwing a 12-sided dice.... assignment complete.
I give you Mageasaurous: Lvl 25 mage, with a staff made of whale bones.
While others draw cutesy characters that would not be out of place in 'my little pony'. I activate nerd powers. 

Gunette 1

Gunette 2

'Gunettes', I figured I never drew the cliched girls with a big guns, so here are my takes of girl with a big-ass guns, one inspired by Mass Effect, the other Steam-punk.

Oh, and for some reason I love drawing at the back of drawing pads, the texture is just fantastic.

These started when I finally got my mediums and tools right. I draw with a 0.9 pencil with Red or blue lead on marker paper, then inked over with Pigma-markers, with photoshop colouring.
 I started two years ago and now it has become my method /medium of choice. 

I tried to draw/design non-human characters. I mixed three or more animal to create these fuzzy critters. But my style is more realistic and  gritty, so drawing these was a pain. I had stand-up comedy on radio all the time that I was trying to create these as a source of inspiration.

But drawing cutesy creatures in an animation/cartoonish style can damage a guy's head, cure ? Listen to Megadeth for an hour after said drawing(s).

You are welcome.

Adventures in character design. ;)


anna inkyung said...

WOW! Your drawings are amazing as always. I hope you'll color them someday :) My favorite is 'Gunette 1'!

Jake Denham said...

Great work and blog, keep it up!