Friday, June 17, 2011

Line art

At one time I wanted to be a comic artist ( not the stand-up kind...), so in the process I refined and tried to perfected my line work. Also in the process of learning to ink, I started to develop a proficiency in quills and tech pens. I have a long way to go, but I am happy with the line work I can do with pens.

This is my take on Circe, it was supposed to be the line art for a watercolor painting.

I loved this , which guy doesn't like drawing knights, swords and ogres ? I was still experimenting with tech pens and quills when I finally found my stride with Pigma-Microns.

My take on the Ice-wind dale books the 'Icingdeath' scene , this is the first time I used the pigma markers to render in this way instead of my trusty quills. 

My first time using a quill, I have gone a long way since this drawing. This has been called Moon clan priest, Lunitari, Night Shaman.....amongst other absurd names. My skills in the art of nomenclature has not improved over time...

Minataurs and other Mishaps

It was one of those things that I wanted to get out of my system. The usual Minotaurs, Werewolves and other assortment of creatures mixed with humans. 

Oxataurs, Liontaurs, Tigertaurs and Buffalotaurs. Yup, yup.

Again , just sketches and doodles that I had fun doing.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Creatures and Design...

I took one of those creature design classes and had the most fun from any class ever. I never knew I loved drawing animals, also I loved to mix and match anatomies of different animals like some modern  Dr. Frankenstein/Darwin.

Also when I made these creatures, I  made sure I got their Latin names right too, as in the probable names the creatures would have, if they existed.

 I loved this one, I mixed a Rhino with a Gorilla & Orangutan.

I loved this drawing, I created this in class while cracking jokes with fellow classmates. It evolved from a simple doodle and I just kept adding details and more details. 
It's a Fire-horse-fly btw.

I had fun with this, I mixed a parrot with an Ostrich and called it 'Postrich'....yeah, I need help.

The funny thing these assignment is that I mixed pencil-colours over pigma-marker line work on marker paper for the first time, I loved the clean crisp look of the pencil colours on this paper. I never figured pencil colours would look great on a thin-toothless paper.

Serengeti Samurai

I had this crazy concept idea of a Samurai in africa, riding a cheetah...but you know how cats are, so it evolved into a this, a Samurai riding a Rhino. The whole concept evolved in a game design class, a sort of a Fallout meets Planescape Torment set in africa. With a guy in an asian armour & derelict space ships. Yeah.
So I am making this into a short graphic novel.

In the mean time, here are the images and doodles inspired from this unfinished saga.

 Also I got to draw on CINTIQ for many of these. But at the end of the day I preferred pencils and pigma-markers with amateur-photoshop skills.

 The initial idea for a boss was refined from this sketch, I did the sketch while sitting at home watching 80's cartoons.