Thursday, June 16, 2011

Creatures and Design...

I took one of those creature design classes and had the most fun from any class ever. I never knew I loved drawing animals, also I loved to mix and match anatomies of different animals like some modern  Dr. Frankenstein/Darwin.

Also when I made these creatures, I  made sure I got their Latin names right too, as in the probable names the creatures would have, if they existed.

 I loved this one, I mixed a Rhino with a Gorilla & Orangutan.

I loved this drawing, I created this in class while cracking jokes with fellow classmates. It evolved from a simple doodle and I just kept adding details and more details. 
It's a Fire-horse-fly btw.

I had fun with this, I mixed a parrot with an Ostrich and called it 'Postrich'....yeah, I need help.

The funny thing these assignment is that I mixed pencil-colours over pigma-marker line work on marker paper for the first time, I loved the clean crisp look of the pencil colours on this paper. I never figured pencil colours would look great on a thin-toothless paper.

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