Friday, June 17, 2011

Line art

At one time I wanted to be a comic artist ( not the stand-up kind...), so in the process I refined and tried to perfected my line work. Also in the process of learning to ink, I started to develop a proficiency in quills and tech pens. I have a long way to go, but I am happy with the line work I can do with pens.

This is my take on Circe, it was supposed to be the line art for a watercolor painting.

I loved this , which guy doesn't like drawing knights, swords and ogres ? I was still experimenting with tech pens and quills when I finally found my stride with Pigma-Microns.

My take on the Ice-wind dale books the 'Icingdeath' scene , this is the first time I used the pigma markers to render in this way instead of my trusty quills. 

My first time using a quill, I have gone a long way since this drawing. This has been called Moon clan priest, Lunitari, Night Shaman.....amongst other absurd names. My skills in the art of nomenclature has not improved over time...

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