Friday, October 9, 2015

Transformers Battle Tactics - ART

Worked as a senior concept artist on the mobile game Transformers Battle Tactics (Android/iOS). I got to do very few characters, but did get to one iconic character, and two combiners. I am quite proud of these, as they were one of the few colour artworks that I did, while at DeNA-Vancouver.

The last character I did at TF, and the I took my time on this guy, and I am proud of the way he turned out.

WIP gif ! ;)

The first combiner that I did for TF, and was at first shocked and horrified that I had to do this guy. Pink sword ? 80's neon blue ?? 
But this 80's reject was honestly fun to do, and now I am quite happy with the way he turned out.

Piranacon carries a big pink sword, so here he is in both sword and sans-sword views.

WIP gif ! ;)

Bumblebee, the first character I got to do on Transformers. He came out better than I expected. And I was pleasantly surprised that he was used for promotions for the game.

Cliffjumper, one of  the last character character I did on Transformers. He was fun to do, but unfortunately he was never released in the game.  Like the original toy that he was based off, he was a re-colour/re-work of the the original with added touches.

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