Friday, February 9, 2018



When I was at DeNA, we had another title : SBT- SUPER  BATTLE TACTICS, a game with over the top 'TANK vehicles'. A title that was similar in gameplay to the MILITARY MASTERS and Transformers Battle Tactics. The lead artist of that title asked me to create concepts for two new classes of fighting vehicles, A ‘Spider-TANK’ and ‘VTOL’. I created the concepts and the final artwork. These ‘vehicles’ were even animated and were about to be put into production, but the company closed its doors and stopped further development on the title.  But I had great time creating the new concepts and the artwork. So here is the Spider ‘TANK’ that I created. 

Ashish Joshi - SBT Megalodon - VTOL

Ashish Joshi - SBT WIDOW - Spider 'TANK'

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