Friday, November 18, 2011

Jimi Hendrix

 Jimi Hendrix

I wanted to do one of those 60's/70's portraits and settled on Jimi.

Since I was going to paint digitally, I tried to keep it as loose as possible to force myself to rely more on painting, but I liked that I got his character.

Jimi Hendrix, pencil-CS4 and painter, mostly painter. One of the first digital images that I was sorta happy with, my monitor made it light, while it looked super-saturated in print and other screens. This was the moment I decided to finally buy a large screen  instead of working on my small laptop screen. I painted him with minimal hues, but was suggested that this being Hendrix, I go full saturated psychedelic  until my eyes bled. Tried several versions.

Still working on fine tuning this. Here are the better three version, I kept tinkering with the 60's/70's wild colour schemes. I have a dozen or more versions....someday I'll get it right.

Oh, btw no filters used.

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