Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Studio Stuff- nudes, sketches

These are some of my in-class studio works.
I took a class with the great Bill Maughan and started to think in terms of colour and form instead of line...and it made my head hurt. This class changed the way I started to draw and paint.

Three-five hours, Conte-crayon pencil on paper.
It was for the first day of my 'pastel-painting' class, I did not bring any, so I used what I had and I loved it.

This was my first attempt at pastels.
Three-five hours, soft pastels on coloured paper.

One is supposed to use pastels almost like painting with oils, no hard lines and you develop forms with colours...silly me, I started putting lines like I was drawing a comic page, end results for all to see.
I have improved a bit....but these are my earlier attempts.
 This was the same fantastic model I had for clothed figure, again drawing her was like drawing a cat trying to stretch, beautiful and very fluid poses.

In these drawings, we had to change the lower portion of the model into that of a fish-mermaid-thingee. I loved this funky way of working.

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