Friday, March 16, 2012

Serengeti Samurai - Graphic Novel

I finally made a Graphic Novel.

My Rino-Riding Samurai from the future.

Old school, Pen and Ink. And in the process nearly destroyed my hand. Some of the pages were quite Ink heavy which required a lot of repetitive actions on my part, with some pages taking up to 6-8 hours of inking. I loved doing the style, but I doubt I will repeat it again, as my arm was aching badly after inking a few of the more detailed pages.

I tried to go for a bit of Franklin Booth/ Joseph Clement Coll with my style thrown in.
Pigma Micron and Japanese Brush pens.

I also had great fun creating the world of the comic.

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Mark Simmons said...

The visuals look great! What are you planning to do with these pages? Can we see them anywhere soon? :-)