Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Characters and Design 3

The classic Good vs Evil.

Being a life long D&D fan, I have been drawing Dwarfs, Dragons, Elves and Mages all my life. I seem to have a strange fascination with swords/sorcery and other Sci-fi/fantasy elements.

So here is my take on more classic D&D themes of Paladins, Deth Knights and Necromancers and garden variety mages. I tried to use 'Iggy Pop' as an inspiration for the Necromancer.

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kiandru said...

extraordinary art! i love the style the blends, the simpleness. i can see your documenting efforts.

admirable!!! i wish i could get to your level one day.!!!


i invite you to see my portolio also at: www.behance.net/kiandru or www.kiandru.deviantart.com

best wishes