Monday, July 25, 2011

Hooded Ronin

The idea was to create all the visual elements of a given story and to make it your own.
I choose the classical story of Robin Hood. The idea was to show the classical tale in a Japanese setting, with all the visual clues and elements that go with it.

I came up with 'The Hooded Ronin and the Ninjas of Sake'wood forest '. ( I tried to use as many bad puns as possible....)

The Hooded Ronin himself

The idea was to make a cross between the merry men in tights with japanese design clues with a little artist licence throw in the mix

Character development for the Hooded Ronin

My Idea of Little John, a failed Sumo-wrestler with big heart and an over sized naginata.

Character development for 'Little John'

My take on FRIAR TUCK, a Monk who loves Sake more than life, his gets him closer to Lord Buddha, in size he is almost there...

My take on Maid Marian : Mariko ( I warned you I'd used as many bad puns as possible...) The first is her as Prim and proper Japanese noble lady, the second is her after she joins the Hooded Ronin gang, armed with twin-Tantōs, mirroring Ronin.

Visual development of the Mariko.

My take on the Sheriff of Nottingham : Shogun of Nishizawa, one is showing him in traditional samurai armour, the other is him in more noble japanese garments.

Visual development of the Shogun.

Hand gestures.

Character line-up

Turn-around of Hooded Ronin

Visual development for the environment.

The classical and cliched 'hero does towards the fortress....'
The drawing was easy and done in a matter of hours, but the painting took forever with several colour/mood variants. I never have this problem when I am drawing, I get the choices sorted out in the sketch stages...but while colouring.....discovered many wonderful methods of working. One of those works where you go ' hey I never knew that...' and 'why didn't think of that before...'


Kelley said...

This all looks amazing! What a lot of work! I love your "failed sumo wrestler." :)

Alejandra Arana said...

Great work! it's amazing!

Unknown said...

hey that is really great work thanks for sharing