Sunday, November 1, 2015


I am finally able to show off the art of Fatal Frontier (Android/iOS) . I worked as a concept artist and later as production artist on the title during pre-production and production, designing and drawing characters, concepts.

This was my first job in the gaming industry and a part of me was still in shock that someone was paying  money to draw !!

I was initially contracted to draw 3 characters per day, and it went upto 4 characters per day, during pre-production and before the game launched.

I drew around 250+ characters, and designed an equal number.

I designed and drew ALL the 134 characters that prior to the game launch, and it is matter of pride for me that I completed the contract within a month and a few weeks, a full month before the due date !
I did them with pen on paper, scanned and then adjusted in PS.  I was an external contractor for the duration of the first contract ( 134 characters), but after the completion of the contract, I was brought in-house as a Concept artist.

Here are most of the characters I did for the game.

The playable characters of the game.

The entire line-up.



The NPC characters of the game.

The RAIDER faction.

( The brief for this guy was ' a dwarf/midget with a big gun', I did the guy on the left, and the designer and the my lead artist pretty much gave me a 'carte blanche' on how I envisioned the look of the characters.)

CARDINAL COMPANY, the main antagonistic faction of the game. 

I loved drawing these mechs and a part of me was amazed that I was getting paid to draw robots !! ;)

The MUTANT FACTION of the game.

The GREAPER/Zombie faction of the game.


The CULTIST faction.


(I loved that I had to design three different types of bestiary and fauna for the world Fatal Frontier. SO, here are my versions of Space dogs, Space rats and Space insects. )




Yeah, some of the design briefs for characters for characters were a bit far out there.

These are most of the characters I did for game during pre-production and prior to launch.

My First batch characters for game after it's world wide launch on both iOS and Android.
Here are the first boss characters and reward characters that I designed for the game. After these, I was brought as an in-house artist.

These characters  were done after I was hired in-house as a concept artist. 
These were even Characters.

These were the first characters that I did all digital, on Cintiq and PS. It was a bit of c learning curve, but after I went all digital. 

Some of the Event Bosses ( & Characters)  that I designed.

I had to design, BROCODILES ( Bull+ Crocodile) for these event characters. Yup, you heard right.
 My designer on the game had a wild imagination, and I was happy to deliver something so crazy.

Event Boss


Unknown said...

Man, I miss that game so much. Not only was it fun to play but it brought me close to people from all around the world. Awesome work! Was glad to be an ally of yours early on in my playing days.

Ashish D. Joshi said...

Thanks for the comments. I really miss the game too and was happy to have you as an ally ! :)